Hi there, I’m David; a front end developer from Sweden. I’m super passionate about typography, semantics and code structure.

Cool story bro, tell it again.

The what

I build user interfaces for the web. A few years back I was really focused on learning a single product well, namely WordPress. And although WordPress is great I’ve come to realise that technologies change but the web’s core principles remain. Since then I’ve been part of teams working with applications in .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP and other languages, but my focus has shifted toward the front end.

Ever since I made that commitment, to focus on the front end, I’ve really got to dig deep in how the presentation layer of web applications work and what best practices to embrace in my line of work. A journey I’m very glad to have made.

The who

I’m an developer slash designer meaning I feel equally comfortable in graphics editing programs as I do in text and source code editors. When I’m not creating awesome stuff at byBrick Valtech Automile I regularly collaborate with other talented designers to bring fresh ideas, products and web applications out to people like you.

The how

My number one love is CSS, I love the language and how it enables web applications to feel a certain way. But large scale web applications often become bloated and hard to maintain. And since speed is an important part of the user experience I take great pride in organising and optimising my code structure be it CSS, JavaScript or HTML. And using the tools available for me to do so. Are you interested in my development stack? I won’t give a full list here since it varies from project to project (but I enjoy languages that compiles into others like SASS and CoffeeScript, frameworks like Susy and Compass and the whole development tooling craze that Node.js has brought us like Yeoman. And I’m of course following the development of all MV* JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Ember etc). PS I’m no stranger to the Adobe Creative Suite either.

The why

Because I love design. And I truly believe design comes to life when being interacted with, that’s why I love the internet so much. User experience is a corner stone in everything I do. I’m proud to be part of a community which is truly changing the world. Code is poetry.

The when

I’ve been working with the web since ’04, and tinkering with it long before that. (And have hopefully picked up on a thing or two on the way.) When I graduated from university college I started my own design and development shop with a friend. For a more complete work story, view my LinkedIn profile

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Niklas Rosén

David is a solid and hardworking developer! We worked together with the new website for Ametist Azordegan and it was a charm watching my pixels become the site. I know we will work more together in the future and you should too!

Mathias Lewen

David is an extremely talented person with great knowledge in his field, and curiosity and drive to explore new tools for his work. In addition he has good common sense and judgement in taking measures to solve the problems he faces. He is also a great personality, which you like to have around you. Simply put—a great colleague and friend.

Leighton Paul Walsh

Excellent creative thinker. Takes jobs from infancy to full completion with ease and accuracy. Best graphic designer I’ve ever worked with.

Erik Stridell

I found Davids profile here on LinkedIn and jumped at the chance to hire him. Since then he has been the cornerstone of the social media services at our agency, and has excellent skills in both digital design and development. He is always up to date with the web and has strong opinions, which is great since he tends to be right. :) Excellent guy to have around!